[parsec-users] parsec on sparc patch (except ferret, facesim and vips)

Chris Fensch cf309 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Jul 4 11:18:25 EDT 2008

Hi all,

   I compiled a patch that hopefully should allow you to compile parsec on 
a Sparc/Solaris 10 box. A few notes on my build environment: Solaris 10 
5/08, gcc 4.2.3, and binutils 2.18. binutils 2.15 that ships with Solaris 
10 have a funny version of AS, that refuses to compile perfectly legal 
opcodes and I think there was also an ld issue. The patch is configured to 
use parsec hooks with simics magic instructions.

You can get the patch from: 

A few notes on the patch. I added a global definition BIG_ENDIAN_MACHINE 
to trigger endianess swap in affected benchmarks. No effort has been made 
to bind a thread to a particular CPU. As for dedup, the output is saved in 
big endian and as such different from output computed on an x86 box. The 
patch adds a configuration gcc-sparc, so you can use parsecmgmt to compile 
the benchmarks as usual.

As for the remaining benchmarks, I have vips and facesim running. But...

vips produces output that is too different to say that it is just an 
endianess issue. 

facesim runs only if I use a really nasty hack. I don't feel comfortable 
of releasing this to public.

as for ferret, I am still at a complete loss. It compiles, but then just 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.



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