[parsec-users] typo in the README of bodytrack?

Christian Bienia cbienia at CS.Princeton.EDU
Fri Jul 18 11:07:37 EDT 2008

Hi JiaQi,

We added another argument that auto selects the threading model to use. You
can get the meaning of all arguments by running the binary without any

- Chris

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The example usage of bodytrack in its readme file seems problematic:

 TrackingBenchmark c:\tracking\sequenceB 4 260 4000 5 1 8

          This will run 260 frames at the given path with 4000 particles and
          5 annealing layers using OpenMP with 8 threads.

However, according to the source file, the last but one argument "1"
means running in single thread mode. And "2" means using OpenMP.

Best regards
JiaQi Zhang
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