[parsec-users] speedup of bodytrack

Huan Fang huanf at kth.se
Mon Jun 16 10:48:34 EDT 2008


 From the parsec-report.pdf, I found the achievable speedup of bodytrack 
is quite different than what I get. I measured it in Simics with 
n*UltraSPARCIII processor at 1GHZ, 4GBytes Memory. The speedup of 
bodytrack using simlarge is around 3 on 4processors and 6 on 16processors.

As said in the report "Figure 1 show the maximum achievable speedup 
measured that way." and "We neglect any delays due to blocking on 
contended locks and load imbalance." Could you explain more on that and 
is there any way we could quantify the amount of lock-blocking or load 

Best Regards,
Huan Fang

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