[parsec-users] Problems faced with facesim , ferret and vips PARSEC Benchmark

Deepali Muddebihal deepali_um at yahoo.co.in
Tue Jun 17 06:14:11 EDT 2008

I am running the PARSEC bemchmarks "facesim" ,"ferret" and "vips" on UNIX platform. I was able to build the executables and on testing it with the inputs given , I was facing some problems . On running them :
1. In facesim ,  being displayed is  "Unrecognized particle version <no.>"
2. In ferret , being displayed is "ERROR: CASS_ERR_OUTOFMEM"
3. In vips , being displayed is " vips: error calling function 
                                               im_open: "barbados_256x" is not readable"
The inputs given to test the programs I think it is in little endian format and this maybe the cause of the failure and UNIX reads in big endian format.
Can you provide me with  inputs (in big endian format) to test these benchmarks or what can be done ?

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