[parsec-users] bodytrack with openMP

Huan Fang huanf at kth.se
Wed May 7 13:01:10 EDT 2008

Hi Chris,

That works without any problem on my Linux machine.
But in another solaris/sparc machine, somehow it needs to run aclocal & 
automake first. Unfortunately, automake fails while complaining aclocal 
cannot find LIB_TOOLS and I found there is no libtools installed in this 
machine. So I have to install libtools-1.5.22 manually, and then run

aclocal-1.10 -I $LIBTOOLS/share/aclocal --install

in src directory to get everything correct.
I spent whole day solving the problem and finally made it! Thank you for 
all the help :-D

Best Regards,

> Hi Huan,
> I found the issue: The build system still uses the icc syntax to enable
> openmp. I remember we wrote that when gcc 4.2 wasn't out. We therefore used
> icc to test the OpenMP version. At that time, icc used '-openmp' to enable
> OpenMP, but gcc expects '-fopenmp'. Edit configure.ac and replace the flag
> with the one expected by gcc (close to the end of the file). Then recreate
> the build system by running 'autoreconf' in the src/ directory.
> I just tested it and it now builds without any problems with gcc.
> - Chris

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