[parsec-users] canneal on sparc?

Christian Bienia cbienia at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu May 22 13:09:37 EDT 2008


Canneal should run without problems on sparc if that error gets fixed. I
believe it's caused because the atomic instructions which swap two netlist
elements assume a different word size than used for the netlist elements.
You can change that e.g. in the AtomicPtr class.

- Chris

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I am wondering if canneal supports Sparc platform because there is 
always some bus error as following:

[HOOKS] PARSEC Hooks Version 1.0
Threadcount: 1
5 moves per thread
Start temperature: 100
netlist filename: 10.nets
./parsecmgmt: line 864:  2334 Bus Error               (core dumped)
1 5 100 10.nets

Has anyone tested that?


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