[parsec-users] Logical error in Blackscholes benchmark

Mattson, Timothy G timothy.g.mattson at intel.com
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I will check with the author of the Blackscholes program and get  back to you.  Being the holiday season, it may take a few days to get to the bottom on this.


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Subject: [parsec-users] Logical error in Blackscholes benchmark


I am working on Blackscholes benchmark and I have found a potential logical error in the code.

Following is the snippet of code from line 193 to 200 in blackscholes.c

193     xD1 = xD1 + xLogTerm;
194     xD2 = xD2 + xLogTerm;
196     xDen = xVolatility * xSqrtTime;
197     xD1 = xD1 / xDen;
199     xD2 = xD1 -  xDen;

It seems that the value of xD2 is overwritten without being used in line 199. It is assigned in line 194 and assigned again in line 199. Kindly clarify whether this is an anomaly or desired.

Nirav Shah.
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