[parsec-users] A question about data races in PARSEC benchmarks

Christian Bienia cbienia at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Oct 16 14:52:39 EDT 2008

Hi Ravi,

To the best of my knowledge there are no data races in the workloads,
but that doesn't mean that they are data race free. As far as I know
know there are only heuristics to find some common data races, but no
method to prove that a program is 100% data race free.

If anybody is able to find (and fix) data races in the suite or prove
that the workloads are data race free, I'd appreciate to hear about it.

- Chris

On Thu, 2008-10-16 at 14:49, Ayyagari, Ravi K wrote:
> Are the programs in PARSEC benchmark suite free from data races? If
> yes, could anyone point me to a citation?
> Thanks,
> -Ravi
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