[parsec-users] PARSEC 2.0: Call for Contributions

Christian Bienia cbienia at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed Sep 3 17:15:08 EDT 2008


We're currently working on PARSEC 2.0. The new release of the benchmark
suite will include new workloads, several important improvements and all the
user-submitted patches which we have received so far.

We encourage the whole PARSEC community to contribute whatever might be
useful to other users. Have you created new build configurations, fixed bugs
or added a new feature in the course of your own research? Then please send
us a patch! All contributors will of course receive full credit for their

Some of the things that might be interesting for other PARSEC users:

* Bugfixes
* New build configurations (e.g. statically linked binaries)
* Port of PARSEC to new platforms (e.g. Tru64 Unix / Alpha)
* New, interesting input sets
* Additional workloads
* Useful scripts and tools that you use for your own work
* Implementations of new parallelization models (e.g. transactional memory)

These are just some of the ideas that come to my mind. You can use the
parsec-users mailing list or the PARSEC Wiki to distribute your patches, or
send me an email directly.

There is no date for the release of PARSEC 2.0, but you should send us
whatever you have within the next few weeks (rather sooner than later).

- Chris

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