[parsec-users] A problem about Parsec Benchmark

Christian Bienia cbienia at CS.Princeton.EDU
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Hi Shinra,


The workload uses the pipelining model for two major reasons: (1) That's
what commercial workloads typically use and (2) the program first has to
fragment the input stream to create independent, parallel work units. Dedup
was modeled after a real-world software product which uses pipelining.


What type of problem do you have with dedup?


- Chris



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I have read the technical report and traced the code of "dedup" recently.

In the report, it mentioned that the input stream would be break up into
work units which can be processed "independently".

Does this mean that this application could be parallelized with data-level

If so, may I ask the reason why it was been parallelized with pipelined

Any help would be grateful!

Thanks a lot~



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