[parsec-users] Use blackscholes.simd.c?

Thomas Karcher karcher at ipd.uka.de
Wed Apr 1 04:21:59 EDT 2009

Hi Chris,

> I don't get this error. It's not related to PARSEC, it's an error that
>  is created in the system header files. You might have to switch
>  something on, or your machine simply doesn't support the SSE3
>  instruction extension. You should have a look at pmmintrin.h to see
>  what exactly the error means.

I guess you are right - I'll have to catch up on SSE3 and my
machines ...

In pmmintrin.h, there are very simple, yet not helpful statements:

#ifndef __SSE3__
# error "SSE3 instruction set not enabled"

Anyway, thanks!


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