[parsec-users] Patch for blackscholes to allow m4 generated pthread version

Thomas Karcher karcher at ipd.uka.de
Fri Apr 3 05:35:52 EDT 2009

Hi there,

the declaration for $(M4) is missing in blackscholes' Makefile. I added
it, so that you can m4-generate and compile the pthread version:

tk at emma:~/parsec-2.0/pkgs/apps/blackscholes/src$ version=pthreads make
rm -f blackscholes  blackscholes.m4.cpp
m4 ./c.m4.pthreads blackscholes.c > blackscholes.m4.cpp
g++ -pthread -DENABLE_THREADS -DN=960 -DNCO=2   blackscholes.m4.cpp   -o


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