[parsec-users] -static-libgcc

ef snorlaxgb at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 15:22:26 EDT 2009


I am trying to recompile Parsec 2.1 benchmarks, and Ive noticed there is a
new flag called -static-libgcc. Right now my target architecture is Alpha
for M5. My cross compiler does not reconize that option:

/parsec-2.1/config/gcc-alpha.bldconf: line 76: -static-libgcc: command not

Id like to know more about this flag -static-libgcc and wether its worth
trying to get added to my Compiler, as the reading Ive done so far on google
has left me up in the air.... Does anyone know if its possible to add this
feature to my Alpha Cross Compiler. Is it worth it also? As Ive only
successfully compiled a few Parsec M5 compatible benchmarks..
How different is this option compared to the --static flag, doesn't the
--static flag cover -static-libgcc anyways?
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