[parsec-users] Cross Compiling Raytrace for Alpha to use in M5

ef snorlaxgb at gmail.com
Sun Aug 16 20:02:55 EDT 2009

I found the  X11 Library, I went ahead and moved it into my Cross Compiler
Include directory, it made things easier for Mesa to locate it. I seem to
have compiled Mesa as well as CMAKE properly. My issue right now (just
encountered) is

cannot find -lXmu
 For Ray Trace.

I am not even sure these binaries will work under M5, this is just half the
work :-(.

Below is how I Configured CMAKE (nothing special), their configure script
was rather annoying. I think maybe the tool directory should inherit the
local machines properties, make things run smoother, instead of the
crosscompiler properties since they cannot be ran on the local machine.

# gcc.bldconf - file containing information necessary to build a specific
#               program of the PARSEC benchmark suite with gcc
# Copyright (C) 2008 Princeton University
# Written by Christian Bienia

# Compilation and linking options.
# This is the configuration we'll use to build the program. Each package of
# benchmark suite has such a file with information that will be added to the
# global configuration. All variables set in the global configuration files
# be referenced here.

# Package dependencies

# Environment to use for configure script and Makefile
build_env="CXXFLAGS=\"-O3 -fexceptions -I/usr/include \"  CFLAGS=\"-O3
-fexceptions -I/usr/include \" CXX="\/usr/local/bin/g++\"
CC=\"/usr/local/bin/gcc\" MAKE=\"${MAKE}\" LDFLAGS=\"-L/usr/lib
-L/usr/lib64\" "
# Whether the build system supports only in-place compilation.
# If TRUE, then all sources will be copied to the build directory before we
# start building the package. Required for older build systems which don't
# support VPATH.

# Arguments to pass to the configure script, if it exists

2009/8/16 Christian Bienia <cbienia at cs.princeton.edu>

>  Hi Ef,
> Raytrace needs the X window system because it performs the rendering of the
> image in software. You’ll also need a cross compiled version of the library
> that you can link to.
> Can you let me know how you configured cmake? If it’s not too specific then
> I can include your changes in future versions of PARSEC.
> - Chris
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> Hello,
> I am trying to Cross compile Raytrace for M5. The first issue I encountered
> was CMAKE. I made sure that CMAKE was compiled on the native machine as it
> is a tool. This is not so easy to do as alot of the configuration  of CMAKE
> is left to the user when using the parsecmgmt tool when CROSS COMPILING.
> The issue I am facing now is mesa is looking for the library:
> glxheader.h:43:23: error: X11/Xlib.h: No such file or directory.
> Here are the following problems:
> It seems that my /usr/local/ directory does not have X11. Even if I was
> able to acquire them would it be compatible with my ALPHA compiler?
> Thanks
> EF
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