[parsec-users] Errors running Parsec benchmarks in M5

ef snorlaxgb at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 01:55:31 EDT 2009


At the moment I am having difficulties on the following two benchmarks:

For streamcluster I ran into the following issue:
PARSEC Benchmark Suite Version 2.1
read 4096 points
streamcluster: pthread_mutex_lock.c:82: __pthread_mutex_lock: Assertion
`mutex->__data.__owner == 0' failed.

Any ideas on this? I noticed a bug here:

I am not sure its revelant as I am running GCC 4.3.2.

For Fluid Animate I am getting the following error:
PARSEC Benchmark Suite Version 2.1
Loading file "/parsec/install/inputs/fluidanimate/in_35K.fluid"...
Number of cells: 36900
Number of particles: 35402 (1102 skipped)
Saving file "/parsec/install/inputs/fluidanimate/out.fluid"...
Segmentation fault

I am not to sure on this error, M5 does not allow real writes to the disk
image, however it offers a "fake layer" COW where writes can be temporarily
written too, I am not to sure this error is related to that, I need to do
some further debugging but I don't think the ROI region is being executed.
as it takes around 3 hours to get the segfault which is to fast.

Any Ideas on this?

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