[parsec-users] The PARSEC Benchmark Suite fundamental properties.

Muhammad abid Mughal mabidm_pieas at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 19 00:37:15 EDT 2009

Hi Chris:
             Hope you are doing good. I got couple of questions :

1.In your research paper "The PARSEC Benchmark Suite: Characterization and Architectural Implications" you mentioned that " Some of its workloads can adapt to different timing models and can use threads to hide latencies. It is important to analyze these programs in the context of the whole system." i dont catch that. Could you please provide more details? Is it same idea as Fine-grained multithreading (different threads interleave to hide latencies.)
2. Fundamental properties of PARSEC workloads that are not affected by Timing Model are :
   a,Spatial/Temporal locality  b, miss /hit rate.

  but timing model do affect how different threads contend for a lock. This is also known as timing behavior of a program. Is n't it ?

Waiting keenly for yout kind response.

Best regards,
Muhammad abid

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