[parsec-users] counting locks of blackscholes

Christian Bienia cbienia at CS.Princeton.EDU
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If you manually look at the source code of blackscholes you will see that no
locks are used by it. I don't know why your pintool reports a different


- Chris



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As an experience, I wrote a pintool to count synchronization primitives such
as lucks, I think it works correctly, and most of its results are the same
as table.2 in parsec technical report, but some of them are different. For
example, about blackscholes, the number of locks is reported 17 by my
program in the following address(it is also reported by
ManualExample/proccount of pin examples), but in the table 2 it is 0. 

pthread_mutex_lock    libpthread.so.0           b65b79d0           17

My supervisor wants to know the reason of this difference. Would you please
make me sure about this? I mean whether this function must be counted for
this package or by a reseon must not.

Thank you
best regards,


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