[parsec-users] bodytrack and x264 inputs incomplete for running

Eddy Zheng Zhang eddy at cs.wm.edu
Mon Jan 12 13:43:36 EST 2009


I found that when using parsecmgmt to run bodytrack and x264 program, some
input options are missing. For bodytrack, "simlarge" is missing. For x264,
"simdev" and "simlarge" are missing.

When I type: parsecmgmt -a run -c gcc-hooks -p bodytrack -i simlarge, the
output is as follows:
[PARSEC] Running 'time
[PARSEC] [---------- Beginning of output ----------]
PARSEC Benchmark Suite Version 1.0
[HOOKS] PARSEC Hooks Version 1.0
Error : Invalid number of arguments
Usage : Track (Dataset Path) (# of cameras) (# of frames to process)
              (# of particles) (# of annealing layers)
              [thread model] [# of threads] [write .bmp output (nonzero =

        Thread model : 0 = Auto, 1 = Single thread, 2 = OpenMP, 3 = Posix

real    0m0.021s
user    0m0.004s
sys     0m0.000s
[PARSEC] [----------    End of output    ----------]
[PARSEC] Done.

I checked the bodytrack/parsec/simlarge.runconf, it writes
"run_args_simlarge="sequenceB_4 4 4 4000 5 0 ${NTHREADS}", I think it is not
consistent with other benchmarks, which is usually "run_args="something
blahblah"". I changed run_args_simlarge to run_args, it works fine. Maybe
consider fix this for the next release.

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