[parsec-users] Makefiles of facesim pkg

Christian Bienia cbienia at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Jan 12 20:00:20 EST 2009

Hi Fahimeh,

> Would you please send me the Make files of facesim package? I must to use
> package, but as a mistake these files were missed. Your helps would be
> appreciated.

I've attached the top-level Makefile to this email. It's the one you can
usually find in the src/ directory of the facesim package.

> Please guide me about -lssl which in the make file of dedup pkg. I would
like to
> compile it, but every time an error for -lssl is issued, how I can solve
> error?

That's the SSL library which should be provided by your system. You can
install OpenSSL if you don't have it yet:


> Dont compile using GCC
> Use the readme file associated with parsec Parsec actually was the only
open source > linux application that did not pain me "on 2 different OSs"

Thanks. :-)

Fahimeh, make sure you've read and understood the documentation which we
provide. Try to use the parsecmgmt script to build and run the PARSEC
distribution, it's provided to make your life easier.

- Chris
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