[parsec-users] is it possible to download the facesim separately

fahimeh at ac.upc.edu fahimeh at ac.upc.edu
Wed Jan 14 02:55:37 EST 2009


Excuse me for taking your time.

Please let me know if it is possible to download of facesim package separately.

 In fact, in my system the files and folders of this package are mixed with the
content of another folder,as a mistake. I tried to download the parsec
completely in several times , but unfortunately, I am not successful because
after some hours it was stopped. I don't know why!

I have other packages of parsec, would you let me know if there is a way to
download facesim or please tell me only the names of the files and folders of
physics_bench subdirectory of this package. I think with these names, I can
re-organise facesim directory correctly.

I really appreciate you.

Best regards,


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