[parsec-users] Paesec and Pin

fahimeh at ac.upc.edu fahimeh at ac.upc.edu
Wed Jan 21 08:59:25 EST 2009


I am trying to get the numbers of Table 2 of the technical report "The parsec
Benchmark suite:characterization and architecture implications", with pintools.

For examples,I use some pintools for instruction counts (inscount0.so and
inscount2_mt.so) for simlarge inputs for each of the packages, but the results
are different from the table, especially for freqmine. The result of its
instructions count is 118 billions for both inscount0 and inscount2_mt!

Please guide me for instruction counts of parsec benchmark suite, which pintool
has to be used?

 Meanwhile, please guide me how I can build the parallel version of dedup and

And, please let me know how I can determine the number of threads of
freqmine during execution. When I use inscount2_mt.so for it, always the number
of thread is reported 1, even if it was build with -n 2 (or more).

Your help would be highly appreciated.

best regards,

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