[parsec-users] Please guide me about freqmine

fahimeh at ac.upc.edu fahimeh at ac.upc.edu
Sun Jan 25 11:44:59 EST 2009

Quoting Christian Bienia <cbienia at CS.Princeton.EDU>:

> Fahimeh,
> Please read the documentation we provide for PARSEC. The README file should
> get you started, and we also made the PARSEC tutorial available on the
> PARSEC website. That should answer your questions.
> - Chris


Thank you,
I have read the readme files and parsec tutorial. I learn a lot of thing about
parsec, but now one of my questions is remained unanswered: how I can determine
the number of threads of freqmine during execution?

For example, when I use inscount2_mt.so for it, always the number of thread is
reported 1, even if it was build with -n 2 (or more). Please guide me.

Your help would be highly appreciated.

best regards,

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