[parsec-users] Crosscompiling PARSEC for SESC

Saugata Ghose sg532 at cornell.edu
Wed Jan 28 17:44:54 EST 2009

I read a thread from earlier about crosscompiling PARSEC, but I've hit  
an issue that I'm not sure about - thought I'd see if anyone had  
encountered it before.  I have modified all the .bldconf files to use  
a new configuration that uses the crosscompiler in place of gcc/g++/ 
cpp/ld.  However, when I use PARSEC to build the application, the  
script fails almost immediately, on the file hooks.c.

It turns out that the PARSEC hooks reference a series of Linux  
processor affinity calls (i.e. CPU_SETSIZE), which aren't available.   
I'm not sure how this will work as I'm crosscompiling to a simulator,  
and core counts haven't been determined yet.  Has anyone run into  
this?  Is there any way to work around this?


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