[parsec-users] Fluianimate Runtime error

Wael Kdouh waelkdouh at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 23:04:02 EDT 2009

Chris I went ahead and downloaded the precompiled binaries as you suggested.
Now when I try to run bodytrack I get the following error which I believe
has to do to with the unpacking of the input. Now from the error it looks
like it cannot find the tar tool.I do not understand why it is trying to use
gtar when the tool available under solaris is tar. When I execute the
command "which tar" I get "/usr/sbin/tar" which is on the path variable.
I tried following the error by going to line 901 but I could not find a path
that I could edit to make it see tar rather than gtar. Please let me know
what you think.  Here is the output:

[PARSEC] Benchmarks to run:  bodytrack
[PARSEC] [========== Running benchmark bodytrack ==========]
[PARSEC] Deleting old run directory.
[PARSEC] Setting up run directory.
[PARSEC] Unpacking benchmark input 'simsmall'.
/parsec-2.0/bin/parsecmgmt: line 901:gtar: command not found
[PARSEC] Running 'time
sequenceB_1 4 1 1000 5 0 16':
[PARSEC] [---------- Beginning of output ----------]
PARSEC Benchmark Suite Version 2.0
[HOOKS] PARSEC Hooks Version 1.2
Threading with Posix Threads
Number of threads : 16
Unable to open camera calibration file : sequenceB_1/CALIB/Camera1.cal

Error loading initialization data.
[HOOKS] Terminating

real 0m0.003s
user 0m0.001s
sys 0m0.002s
[PARSEC] [----------    End of output    ----------]
[PARSEC] Done.

Sincerely yours,

Wael Kdouh
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