[parsec-users] determining the input parameters

Christian Bienia cbienia at CS.Princeton.EDU
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Hello Fahimeh,


There is no general approach to determine useful inputs for a benchmark
program, it depends on the individual program and what it does, how it does
it and what the user requirements are. You are more likely to make decisions
that make sense if you discuss them with an application expert.


- Chris



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For my research, I would like to consider parsec benchmark suite and some
more graphics (opengl) benchmark.. I have some OpenGl benchmark. For
comparing, I need to determine their inputs  according to simlarge input

Would you please guide me which parameter(s) I have to consider for
determining the inputs comparing to simlarge? Is it correct to determine the
parameters like the number of frames, time, resulution , number of verteices
or triangles similar to raytrace input set?

your helps would be highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot,
Best regards


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