[parsec-users] Sharing data of bodytrack

Dionysus shinrairis at gmail.com
Sat May 2 06:05:15 EDT 2009


I have some problems about the sharing data of bodytrack.
The technical report claims that the bodytrack has many sharing data.
I have traced the TBB code of bodytrack for couple days.
The bodytrack was divided into two filters of a pipeline,
TrackingModel and ParticleFilter.
I found only limited data sharing in the first filter TrackingModel.
In the ParticleFilter, I found that the mCamera, mEdgeMaps, and
mFGMaps are shared between task of the LogLikelihood function.

I am wondering that if there are some other share data I have not
figured out yet.
Any help about this problem would be grateful.

By the way, I am also curious about why the maximum item processed on
the fly in the pipeline is set to one.
Is there any problem if I set this value more than one?

Thanks for reading


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