[parsec-users] Sharing data of bodytrack

Dionysus shinrairis at gmail.com
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Thanks for replying~

The on-the-fly item number is set in the TrackingBenchmark/main.cpp
line 318 "pipeline.run(1)".
I have referred to the document of TBB and it seems like the parameter
of the pipeline.run is the on-the-fly item number.

I have another question here.
If I set this number higher, which means there could be multiple
frames processed on-the-fly in the pipeline.
Under this circumstances, would these frames share the same mCamera,
mFGMaps, and mEdgeMaps?
Or would these frames keep different mCamera, mFGMaps, and mEdgeMaps
and share these data structure inside their own pipeline stage?

Thanks for your patience


2009/5/4 Christian Bienia <cbienia at cs.princeton.edu>:
> Hi Dennis,
> It seems you already found the most important shared data structures, the
> maps are pretty big. First of all, please keep in mind that the various
> parallelizations for bodytrack vary slightly. The one we use by default and
> which is also described in the technical report is the pthreads version.
> I'm not sure why the limit of the pipeline is set to one, if I understand
> the location that you describe correctly it should be more. Can you tell me
> which file and lines of code you refer to?
> - Chris
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> Hi~
> I have some problems about the sharing data of bodytrack.
> The technical report claims that the bodytrack has many sharing data.
> I have traced the TBB code of bodytrack for couple days.
> The bodytrack was divided into two filters of a pipeline,
> TrackingModel and ParticleFilter.
> I found only limited data sharing in the first filter TrackingModel.
> In the ParticleFilter, I found that the mCamera, mEdgeMaps, and
> mFGMaps are shared between task of the LogLikelihood function.
> I am wondering that if there are some other share data I have not
> figured out yet.
> Any help about this problem would be grateful.
> By the way, I am also curious about why the maximum item processed on
> the fly in the pipeline is set to one.
> Is there any problem if I set this value more than one?
> Thanks for reading
> Dennis
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