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Christian Bienia cbienia at CS.Princeton.EDU
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Hi Metin,

To understand the file format it's best to look at the constructor of the
netlist class (netlist::netlist in file netlist.cpp). That's where the data
is read in. Every item has a comment, so it should be straightforward to
understand. Basically, the first line is the chip size (number of elements,
x and y). Each remaining line is an element of the netlist.

The details of the algorithm such as what a swap is and how the routing cost
is minimized is explained in detail in the technical report that you can get
from the PARSEC web site.


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I want to ask a simple question about canneal. I try to understand the file
format. For instance in 10.nets, there are two lines such that:
10	5	5
a	2	g	a	h	d	h	END

10 stands for 10 data element? and a,b,..,j denotes for data? We create 5x5
chip and move those elements among those nodes (what actually mean by
swapping)? What do we initially have and how do we minimize routing cost by

-best regards

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