[parsec-users] Compile PARSEC using SimpleScalar

Christian Bienia cbienia at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sun May 24 16:59:54 EDT 2009

Hi Hans,


The example with SimpleScalar only illustrates that you can tell the
parsecmgmt tool to pass the binary with all arguments as it would usually be
invoked to some other tool. In the example we use SimpleScalar, by default
it's the "time" command.


You can use SimpleScalar to run Alpha binaries. That means if you manage to
compile PARSEC or the Alpha ISA you should be able to run them. Some people
at the University of Texas, Austin, have compiled several PARSEC 1.0
programs for Alpha, here's the link to their announcement:




I myself have never tried to compile PARSEC on Alpha, and I've never worked
with sslittle-na-sstrix-gcc either. It'll take quite some work to get them
all to build, you should expect to run into all kinds of problems.







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Hi All.

The README file of PARSEC teaches us how to run the applications using
simulator like SimpleScalar. However, I've try my best but I still could not
compile PARSEC using SimpleScalar. Do you have any guidance about how to do

The method i used was replaced gcc with sslittle-na-sstrix-gcc in the config
files, then used parsecmgmt to build the applications. But it failed all the

Thank you!


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