[parsec-users] Which simulator is available for PARSEC?

Christian Bienia cbienia at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon May 25 01:25:50 EDT 2009

Hi Hans,


PARSEC itself is simulator-agnostic, which means from the perspective of the
benchmark suite it doesn't matter which simulator you use. The reason for
that is that PARSEC benchmarks are normal programs, so as long as you have a
method of running programs you can run PARSEC. If a simulator can't run
PARSEC it's because of some limitation of the simulator on the binaries it
can interpret. So you either have to build the programs in a different way
or change the simulator. To know what exactly the issue is you need to read
the simulator documentation or use some other way to figure out how exactly
the binaries need to be prepared.


If you would like to use a different simulator, you should check out the
University of Wisconsin Computer Architecture site. It contains a pretty
comprehensive listing of available simulators. Have a look:




I hope that helped.


- Chris



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Hi All,

I am trying to run PARSEC on a simulator. However, neither SimpleScalar nor
SESC works for PARSEC. 

I'm here to seek for your help. Would you please tell me which simulation
tool is available for PARSEC?

Thank you very much!


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