[parsec-users] Did anyone build vips and bodytrack on Solaris 10(Sparc machine)

Christian Bienia cbienia at CS.Princeton.EDU
Fri Nov 6 13:52:49 EST 2009

Hi Muhammad,


All PARSEC workloads should compile and run on Solaris. We’ve added some fixes to later versions of PARSEC to make it easier, so if you still use an older version of the suite try to build the latest one.


You can also download the precompiled binaries for Solaris + Sparc. They are available from the PARSEC web site. If you don’t need to modify the program source code for your experiments they’ll be the easiest way to start running experiments.






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Subject: [parsec-users] Did anyone build vips and bodytrack on Solaris 10(Sparc machine)


Hi Parsec users:-

                        Hope everyone doing good. I successfully built all benchmarks except vips and bodytrack. I really did very hard to have them compiled successfully but no luck.


Anyone here who has compiled vips and bodytrack successfully on solaris 10 and would like share his experience?



Waiting eagerly for your prompt response?


Thanks in advance


Muhammad abid



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