[parsec-users] whole-program LLVM bitcodes

Kelly, Terence P (HP Labs Researcher) terence.p.kelly at hp.com
Fri Oct 16 17:36:23 EDT 2009

Has anyone attempted to build whole-program
LLVM bitcodes for the PARSEC applications?

If so, could you share tricks for making the
build work?  The LLVM tools aren't quite
drop-in replacements for their GCC counterparts
and preliminary investigation shows that this
is a non-trivial task.

I'm interested in whole-program bitcodes that
include as LLVM bitcode all code included in
the PARSEC tarball.  It's fine if things like
libc.so and libpthread.so aren't included,
but I'd like the whole-program bitcodes to
include all library code that is bundled
with PARSEC.

Has anyone done this?

Thanks in advance for any tips & tricks you
can share!

-- Terence Kelly, HP Labs Palo Alto

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