[parsec-users] streamcluster hangs

Christian Bienia cbienia at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sat Oct 17 09:35:47 EDT 2009

Hi Amittai,

Try applying all the patches for your PARSEC version from our wiki:


Streamcluster in particular had a bug in an earlier version of PARSEC.


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I am finding that streamcluster consistently hangs on my machine right  
after printing the output line giving the number of points read.   
E.g., for the default input size (small--10 points), and 2 threads, I  
get the following:

[After building with -c gcc-pthreads, apparently successfully ...]

afa9 at beacon:~/parsec-2.0-dthreads> parsecmgmt -a run -p streamcluster - 
c gcc-pthreads -n 2
[PARSEC] Benchmarks to run:  streamcluster

[PARSEC] [========== Running benchmark streamcluster ==========]
[PARSEC] Deleting old run directory.
[PARSEC] Setting up run directory.
[PARSEC] No archive for input 'test' available, skipping input setup.
[PARSEC] Running 'time /export/home/afa9/parsec-2.0-dthreads/pkgs/ 
kernels/streamcluster/inst/i386-linux.gcc-pthreads/bin/streamcluster 2  
5 1 10 10 5 none output.txt 2':
[PARSEC] [---------- Beginning of output ----------]
PARSEC Benchmark Suite Version 2.0
read 10 points
^C <-------------------------HANGS, HAD TO KILL

I've gotten the same behavior on 16 and 64 threads and on the  
"simlarge" input.  If I do not enter a thread number, so that it  
defaults to sequential execution, then the program does terminate.

I'm running the benchmarks under 32-bit Open Suse 11 (Linux) on an  
Intel (i686) machine.

Any ideas?  Did I miss or forget something from the tutorial or other  
documentation?  Thanks!

Amittai Aviram
Graduate Student in Computer Science
Yale University
646 483 2639
amittai.aviram at yale.edu

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