[parsec-users] Parsec Build Error

Christian Bienia cbienia at CS.Princeton.EDU
Tue Apr 13 00:15:33 EDT 2010

Hi Ehsan,


You clearly have fiddled around in a way that breaks the build chain. ;) The
script is telling you that it can neither find a Makefile nor a configure
script in the src/ directory of the package, so it doesn't know how to build
the package. If you didn't play around with parsecmgmt itself then chances
are you probably deleted or renamed the `configure' script of the ssl
package. Simply restore it and parsecmgmt will automatically recognize and
use it to build the package.






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Ive been getting this weird build errors, and I have no clue what Im doing
wrong, any ideas?
I did mess with parsec build scripts under src/parsec, not sure if thats

[PARSEC] [========== Building package ssl ==========]
[PARSEC] [---------- Analyzing package ssl ----------]
[PARSEC] ssl does not depend on any other packages.
[PARSEC] [---------- Building package ssl ----------]
[PARSEC] Error: Need 'configure' script or a '[Mm]akefile' to build package
[ef at camsin1 src]$ parsecmgmt -a build -p zlib -c gcc-alpha
[PARSEC] Packages to build:  zlib

[PARSEC] [========== Building package zlib ==========]
[PARSEC] [---------- Analyzing package zlib ----------]
[PARSEC] zlib does not depend on any other packages.
[PARSEC] [---------- Building package zlib ----------]
[PARSEC] Removing old build directory.
[PARSEC] Copying source code of package zlib.
[PARSEC] Running 'env /usr/bin/make':
ux-gnu-gcc -O3 -funroll-loops -fprefetch-loop-arrays
-gnu/sys-root/usr/include -g 
alphaev67-unknown-linux-gnu-gcc: no input files
make: *** [example.o] Error 1
[PARSEC] Error: 'env /usr/bin/make' failed.

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