[parsec-users] Inputs sets and number of threads.

Vidyabhushan Mohan mohan at cs.virginia.edu
Sat Apr 24 01:42:19 EDT 2010

Can anyone explain the difference between number of threads and input sets?
For example, I run blackscholes as follows:

For test input size:
./blackscholes 16 in_4.txt prices.txt
For simlarge:
./blackscholes 16 in_64K.txt prices.txt

I understand that the second parameter changes according to the input size,
whereas the first parameter is the number of threads.
So should I scale the number of threads according to the size of the input?
Or is my above usage, where I keep the number of threads the same
irrespective of the input size valid? If scaling the number of threads is
necessary, how do I change the number of threads wrt to input size for the
different benchmarks?


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