[parsec-users] Inputs sets and number of threads.

Christian Bienia cbienia at CS.Princeton.EDU
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Hi Bhushan,


The input size and the number of threads are two independent parameters. The
only thing you need to consider is that you want to make sure the input
contains enough work units to keep all threads busy. Besides that you can
scale the number of threads any way you want.


Typically you would pick the largest input set that you can still run and
then vary the number of threads any way you want. Please be aware that
changing input sets also changes the program characteristics slightly.






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Can anyone explain the difference between number of threads and input sets?
For example, I run blackscholes as follows:

For test input size:
./blackscholes 16 in_4.txt prices.txt
For simlarge:
./blackscholes 16 in_64K.txt prices.txt

I understand that the second parameter changes according to the input size,
whereas the first parameter is the number of threads. 
So should I scale the number of threads according to the size of the input?
Or is my above usage, where I keep the number of threads the same
irrespective of the input size valid? If scaling the number of threads is
necessary, how do I change the number of threads wrt to input size for the
different benchmarks? 



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