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Thanks for your reply. As an extra comment, when I build all packages I got some error that some header files are missed. I then searched for them and noticed that some additional dev packages must be installed. One example is "libxt-dev".
What I undertood from your reply is that these dependencies (libxt-dev for example) are varying due to enabling/disabling feature.

// Naderan *Mahmood;

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Hi Nederan,
The package dependencies within the PARSEC distribution are specified in the local build configurations in the parsec/ directory of each package. Just check the PARSEC man pages to see what each variable means. The package dependencies on software not included in the distribution is not documented, especially the software packages that are used outside of PARSEC typically have varying dependencies that change if you enable / disable specific features. However, that list should be small because I tried to include the major libraries that are always needed to make PARSEC as independent as possible from the system configuration.
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Subject: [parsec-users] package dependecies
Is there any documentation about package dependecies for each app? For example some video benchmarks need additional X development packages. In short, which one need the minimum packages dependencies?
// Naderan *Mahmood;

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