[parsec-users] looking for PARSECDIR in solaris installation

Muhammad abid Mughal mabidm_pieas at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 28 20:36:51 EDT 2010

    you see this error msg when "parsecmgmt"  tool could not find the hidden file called ".parsec_uniquefile". Make sure this file is present in PARSECDIR.

Muhammad abid

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Hi Naderan,
The correct value for PARSECDIR is the location of the PARSEC directory.
For example, if you unpacked PARSEC 2.1 into /usr/local, then PARSECDIR is /usr/local/parsec-2.1
by default. Usually there is no need to define the PARSECDIR environment
variable because the scripts can autodetect the location of PARSEC. I don’t
know why it seems to fail in your case, it might be that you’ve set PARSECDIR
to an incorrect value or that you’ve deleted the hidden file which the
autodetect function looks for.
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Subject: [parsec-users] looking for PARSECDIR in solaris installation
I successfully built PARSEC in my linux without any modification to PARSECDIR.
However when I want to run the same on solaris I get an error:
# ./parsecmgmt -a build
[PARSEC] Error: Unable to autodetect path to the PARSEC benchmark suite. Either 
define an environment variable PARSECDIR, or edit parsecmgmt and set PARSECDIR
o the correct value at the beginning of the file.

I am trying to build the source not the binaries. Thanks for any help.
// Naderan *Mahmood;

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