[parsec-users] How to compile a parsec package in solaris?

Mahmood Naderan nt_mahmood at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 8 04:26:05 EDT 2010

What about solaris binaries that are currently provided? Why do you want to 
compile them?
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Subject: [parsec-users] How to compile a parsec package in solaris?

Dear maintainers,

I think it is a general question. I am compiling PARSEC in a solaris machine. 
According to the previous thread, I've modified some directory path in the 
"gcc.bldconf" to adjust my local setting. 

input: parsecmgmt  -a build -p canneal 

error prompt:

[PARSEC] Running old build directory.
[PARSEC] Copying source code of package canneal.
[PARSEC] Running 'env' version=pthreads usr/local/bin/make' : 
env: No such file or directory
[PARSEC] Error: 'env version=pthreads /usr/local/bin/make ' failed.


P.s. gcc-3.4.6, gmake from sun free software have been successfully installed. 
The gcc, g++, cpp and make are in the "/usr/local/bin" directory.  The ld, as, 
ar, ranlib and strip are in "/usr/ccs/bin", in the same directory, I see m4, 
make, ... as well. 

Would anyone tell me how to compile PARSEC in a solaris OS env.? 

 Thank you in advance.

Ning Deng

School Of Computer Science and Technology 
Beijng Institute of Technology, China, 100081
dunning2006 at gmail.com

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