[parsec-users] How to compile a parsec package in solaris?

kishore kumar kishoreguptaos at gmail.com
Sun Aug 8 12:12:58 EDT 2010

Hi Ning Deng,
I modified the config file and it is working fine on my OpenSolaris machine.
Please find my config file in the attachment, and adjust the paths if
needed. Please don't forget to rename the file as gcc.bldconf

As you can see, almost all binaries are from /usr/sfw directory.

Kishore Kumar Pusukuri

2010/8/8 邓宁 <dunning2006 at gmail.com>

> Dear maintainers,
> I think it is a general question. I am compiling PARSEC in a solaris
> machine. According to the previous thread, I've modified some directory path
> in the "gcc.bldconf" to adjust my local setting.
> input: parsecmgmt  -a build -p canneal
> error prompt:
> /////////////////////////////////////////
> ...
> [PARSEC] Running old build directory.
> [PARSEC] Copying source code of package canneal.
> [PARSEC] Running 'env' version=pthreads usr/local/bin/make' :
> env: No such file or directory
> [PARSEC] Error: 'env version=pthreads /usr/local/bin/make ' failed.
> bash-3.00#...
> ///////////////////////////////////////////
> P.s. gcc-3.4.6, gmake from sun free software have been successfully
> installed. The gcc, g++, cpp and make are in the "/usr/local/bin"
> directory.  The ld, as, ar, ranlib and strip are in "/usr/ccs/bin", in the
> same directory, I see m4, make, ... as well.
> Would anyone tell me how to compile PARSEC in a solaris OS env.?
>  Thank you in advance.
> --
> Regards
> Ning Deng
> School Of Computer Science and Technology
> Beijng Institute of Technology, China, 100081
> dunning2006 at gmail.com
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