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马君 majun at ict.ac.cn
Wed Dec 1 22:06:08 EST 2010

Hi, all. I use PARSEC on Sparc / Solaris 10 emulated on Simics & Gems. I
need to bind specific thread to one specific CPU during simulation. I want
to know how to use processor_bind in the 13 benchmarks since the benchmarks
are so different and some have more than one ROI. And can pbind or psrset be
used during simulation in Simics? If true, how to do that? Thanks.


Yours sincerely,

Jun Ma[George Manford]


Institute of Computing Technology

School of Information Science and Engineering

Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Address :No.6 Kexueyuan South Road,Zhongguancun,Beijing 

Postcode :100190


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