[parsec-users] Variable 'bench_exec_dedup' for package 'dedup' has not been set

Yungang Bao ybao at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Dec 30 23:13:29 EST 2010

Hi Ning,

The roles of *.runconf in "/parsec-2.1/config" and "parsec-2.1/pkgs/dedup/parsec" are different. So you should not copy those *.runconf in "/parsec-2.1/config" into directory "parsec-2.1/pkgs/dedup/parsec". Instead, if you want to use different input size (e.g., simsmall), you should 1) go to directory "parsec-2.1/pkgs/dedup/parsec", 2) copy "native.runconf" to "simsmall.runconf" and 3) change run_args from " -i FC-6-x86_64-disc1.iso" to "-i media.dat". 

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Dear all, 

Happy new year! 

I install the parsec-2.1-core(49MB) in my machine and build the dedup benchmark successfully. Then, I want to use a more larger input set, the simsmall, simmedium and simlarge are simply copied into the input directory. Also, I copied some *.runconf files into the /config folder in both "/parsec-2.1/config" and "parsec-2.1/pkgs/dedup/parsec" according to the prompt from "parsecmgmt". I suppose that the running is OK, but I got an error saying that "Variable 'bench_exec_dedup' for package 'dedup' has not been set". 

I found the related location in the parsecmgmt file: 

# Determine binary 
local bmexec_suffix=${run_exec} 
if [ -z "${bmexec_suffix}" ]; then 
echo "${oprefix} Variable 'bench_exec_${benchmark}' for package '${benchmark}' has not been set." | ${TEE} ${log} 
exit 1 
local bmexec="${bminstdir}/${bmexec_suffix}" 
if [ ! -x "${bmexec}" ]; then 
echo "${oprefix} Error: Binary '${bmexec}' of package '${benchmark}' cannot be found." | ${TEE} ${log} 
exit 1 

Can anyone tell how I can solve the problem? If I can only run the much larger input set test by directly copying the input_XXX.tar packages into the /input folder like I do? Or, I should download the 2.4G full version and re-build the package from scratch? 

Thank you in advance. 

Deng Ning (邓 宁) 

School Of Computer Science and Technology 
Beijng Institute of Technology, China, 100081 
dunning2006 at gmail.com 

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