[parsec-users] Set affinity of threads to CPUs

Jim Dempsey jim at quickthreadprogramming.com
Fri Feb 5 17:39:09 EST 2010

I run/develop the PARSEC on Windows XP Pro x64. And have run some benchmarks
on Windows Server (x64 Dell R710)
I have added, to some of the benchmarks, an additional parallel programming
technique called QuickThread (www.quickthreadprogramming.com).
The threading models vary in number and extent per benchmark program
pthreads (or pthreads-w32 emulation of pthreads)
Windows threads
TBB (Threading Building Blocks)
and now QuickThread
OpenMP,TBB and QuickThread can set thread affinity
Jim Dempsey


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I just have started looking at the parsec benchmarks and 
they look promising for multi-threaded CPU benchmarks.  
I have a question about setting the Thread affinity to the 
CPUs.  I looked at the 'hooks' implementation of setting 
affinity to CPUs, this function is called before threads are 
spawned and create a 'CPU_mask' for the parent (main) 
thread only.  

Has anyone worked on hook function implementation 
that is called after every thread is created so we can set 
CPU affinity per thread?

- Avadh Patel
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