[parsec-users] How I can run PARSEC benchmarks on SimiCS?

Christian A Bienia cbienia at CS.Princeton.EDU
Fri Jan 8 07:42:25 EST 2010

Hi Ning Deng,

You first need to compile the programs for PowerPC CPUs. It's easiest to do this on a real machine, but a cross-compiler as you want to use it would of course also work. Once you have the binaries you have to copy them into the virtual Simics machine, please check the Simics documentation to see how to do that.


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Betreff: [parsec-users] How I can run PARSEC benchmarks on SimiCS?

hi all, 
I want to run PARSEC benchmarks on a SimiCS platform. A PowerPC machine is simulated by SimiCS, now how the parsec applications can be transplanted to my simulating platform? 

I am trying to use a cross-compiler to compile the PARSEC applications and run them on SimiCS. How I can achieve this? any suggestions? thanks in advance. 

# Compilers and preprocessors 
export CC="${CC_HOME}/bin/powerpc-linux-gnu-gcc" 
export CXX="${CC_HOME}/bin/powerpc-linux-gnu-g++" 
export CPP="${CC_HOME}/bin/powerpc-linux-gnu-cpp" 
export CXXCPP="" 

# GNU Binutils 
export LD="${BINUTIL_HOME}/bin/${BINARY_PREFIX}powerpc-linux-gnu-ld" 
export AS="${BINUTIL_HOME}/bin/${BINARY_PREFIX}powerpc-linux-gnu-as" 
export AR="${BINUTIL_HOME}/bin/${BINARY_PREFIX}powerpc-linux-gnu-ar" 
export RANLIB="${BINUTIL_HOME}/bin/${BINARY_PREFIX}powerpc-linux-gnu-ranlib" 
export STRIP="${BINUTIL_HOME}/bin/${BINARY_PREFIX}powerpc-linux-gnu-strip" 

Ning Deng 

School Of Computer Science and Technology 
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