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Muhammad abid Mughal mabidm_pieas at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 14 10:36:36 EST 2010

Hi Chris:
           Thank you very much and thanks for your guidence. How will i come to know that all kernels are running?
          Actually i am using GEMS and its too slow.If i run each core for 1 Billion instruction then its gonna be take seven or more days.

Muhammad abid

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Hello Muhammad,
It’s not a sane methodology. Most PARSEC workloads have multiple
kernels and unless you run all of them you won’t get the representative program
behavior. If you want to run only a subset of the instructions you should use
sampling, some simulators such as Flexus offer sampling by default.
It would make my life easier if you send your questions to the
parsec-users mailing list because I usually get the same ones on and on.
From:Muhammad abid
Mughal [mailto:mabidm_pieas at yahoo.com] 
Sent: Thursday, January 14, 2010 8:07 AM
To: Christian Bienia
Subject: Running PARSEC benchmarks
Hi Chris:
          Hope you doing good. Am i bothering you by
directing questions directly to your email?.
My question
is that:
    I am using 8-Core CMP with Out-Of-Order Superscalar processor.
I am
running PARSEC benchmarks for a total of 2 Billion inst . I use first One
billion inst to warm caches and 2nd billion inst to perform detailed
   I am using "simsmall"  data set.
Is this
methodology is correct to measure performance of PARSEC benchmarks?
Thanks in

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