[parsec-users] Raytrace running infinitely

Muhammad abid Mughal mabidm_pieas at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 26 01:04:53 EST 2010

Hi guys: 
           Hope you guys  doing good. I am running "raytrace" on a real physical machine sol10/sparc  but its not gonna stop.Even i ran the raytrace from downloaded binaries its not gonna stop either.

i use the command

bash-3.00# parsecmgmt -a run -p raytrace -c gcc-hooks -n 8 -x pre-simics

My system specification:
bash-3.00# uname -a 
SunOS RMS 5.10 Generic_139555-08 sun4u sparc SUNW, A70
bash-3.00#/usr/sfw/bin/g++ -v
gcc version 3.4.3

As far as i remember ,  i ran the same benchmark before 2 months and it went fine.However, now its not stopping.It ran more than  12 hours and was still running.   

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Muhammad abid

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