[parsec-users] Ubuntu installation problem 2.1

Christian Bienia cbienia at CS.Princeton.EDU
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Thanks a lot for the feedback! I'll try to get some of your suggestions into
the next version of PARSEC.






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Trying installation of parsec-2.1 on Ubuntu 10.0 with gcc/g++ 4.5 and Intel

This is my first time doing install of PARSEC on Ubuntu.


Reason for installation from scratch is I had an installation on my Windows
system and copied the files over to Ubuntu system.

The parsecmgmt build got tripped-up over additional folders created in the
Windows configuration. So I tried installation to new folder.

Intention being to copy individual .c, .cpp files into new install as needed
(but keep unwanted folders from being created).


General comments


README should have some samples showing installation steps (commands) issued
on the various platforms.


The .../config/*.bldconf files should attempt at discovery of compilers
etc.. but be setup to issue error and instructions if required environment
variables not set. Currently you have environment variables set for your
system. Example




icc default paths are now different (having problems getting them to work)



magick/decorate.c will not compile on my system using -O3


Fails using gcc 4.4, gcc 4.5 and icc (yet to be released beta versionn)


Failure is compilation hang (killed compilation after ~10 minutes or so)

-O1 works, don't know about other optimizations.


Probably should consider adding means to override optimization switches at
configuration level as opposed to editing make file



# Uncomment following line to depreciate optimizations for 



Also having missing components for GLUT




can locate.




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