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Jim Dempsey jim at quickthreadprogramming.com
Thu Jun 10 21:35:31 EDT 2010

I think it will work if you bypass the hamming code and directly set XDIVS
and ZDIVS (or input as parameters)
Note, force of gravity is along Y axis, therefore partitioning  XDIVS and
ZDIVS is appropriate. If gravity direction changes then partitioning may
need to change too. The hamming code was a strategy to obtain the largest
ratio of volume/area for partitions.
i.e. to reduce the proportion of cells at boundary (requiring interlocked
A more natural system of particles would have gravity in an arbitrary
My rewrite attempts to take this into consideration and the input parameter
for gravity (currently constant) will drive the partitioning.
I also I think it would be nice if the container could be other than a
rectangular tube, complex shapes, and be rotating.
An example would be a front load washing machine. Barrel shape with paddles.
Animation of this should look really nice - and the benchmark would then be
more of a real world example. (like body track, facesim, etc...)
Jim Dempsey


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Thank you, Matt.

Kishore Kumar Pusukuri

On 10 June 2010 17:08, Matt Sinclair <msinclair at wisc.edu> wrote:

Hi Kishore,

I don't think there's any reason you can't run non-powers-of-2 with
fluidanimate.  However, I believe that somewhere in the documentation
there's a "disclaimer" saying that the way it's set up is optimal.
So, changing XDIVS and ZDIVS will obviously change that.  It should
work though, regardless.

Hope this helps,
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