[parsec-users] extending input set for fluidanimate

Jim Dempsey jim at quickthreadprogramming.com
Thu Mar 25 15:48:06 EDT 2010

More than 500K particles?
If so, as a quick and dirty "hack", edit the SaveFile such that it doubles
the particle count and writes each particle twice. Run the in_500K.fluid in,
and write out in_1M.fluid. Repeat this to double the particle counts.
Probably it would be best to add an additional argument to specify the
multiplier (and so you do not have to remember to remove the"hack"). You
might want to add a randomizer to the point duplicator such that no two
particles come in at exactly the same position. You might want to keep the
replicated particles within a reasonably close position. Should the
resultant file cause an explosion in the particles (blast out of the bottom
of the domain well) you can use the display mode and let the simulation run
until it has quieted down somewhat (but not all the way). Then reset the
simulation without display to run to that frame number. The output file is
now a reasonable approximation of what you might want.
Jim Dempsey.


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I am trying to make more input data set for fluidanimate in parsec 2.1.
I tried to find out input format and how to generate extra input data, but
didn't find anything yet.
Has anybody tried this before? Any help would be highly appreciated!


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