[parsec-users] ferret assistance requested

Jim Dempsey jim at quickthreadprogramming.com
Fri Mar 26 14:04:16 EDT 2010

I am trying to run ferret on Windows XP from VS IDE. And I am having
problems with laying out the directory/file dependencies.
For example, Ferret Serial.cpp uses several libraries: ferret.lib, gsl.lib,
lsh.lib and Magick.lib
I can get these all to link and start to run the Serial version of ferret
(input and output files are located)
However, Magick.lib is looking for Delegates.xml
I found a Delagates.xml and Delagates.xml.in in other places in the PARSEC
distribution but have little information as to how this integrates into
By copying Delagates.xml to the ferret home directory, Magick initialization
code (delegate.c) finds the delagates.xml but apparently this file is not
edited correctly or some other problem is being encountered. The routine
that searches delagates.xml for a delagate is unable to locate decode and
encode information for .JPG files.
In looking at the .xml source (I may be wrong on this) it appears as if
magick is using the delagates.xml file to locate/specify external programs
to shell call for performing file format conversions. If this assumption is
true, then why is this approach included in a parallel programming
benchmark? It seems to me that a thread-safe library (DLL or static, or
equivilent on (U/Li)nix) would be more appropriate for parallel programming
Can someone identify the requirements (what files, what programs, what
dependencies, what folder layout, ???) necessary to run the Serial.cpp
version of the Ferret application?
Do not assume "everybody knows" what would be considered common knoledge in
running these benchmarks.
Jim Dempsey
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